StkevinsCrestSenior Football Championship Relegation Play-Off 10/09/2013 in Hawkfield
St. Kevin’s 1-16 Suncroft 0-9


St. Kevin’s and Suncroft met in a crucial game for both clubs with Senior Championship status at stake.
The game was at an unusual time on Tuesday at 19:45 in Hawkfield and due to a floodlight issue throw-in didn’t happen until 20:00.

The game immediately got off to a frantic start when St. Kevin’s first attack ended with a Suncroft goal-line clearance from a Mick Kenny shot. The ball was subsequently recycled and Brian Dunne struck it over the bar for the first score of the game.

Kevin’s had the upper hand in midfield with Mick Kenny, Mark Fitzharris working the ball to Declan Flaherty for a left footed point over the bar. Cathal O’Leary earned a free which Mark Fitzharris slotted over.

Suncroft made a few attacks in this early period but St. Kevin’s defence managed to break these down. Dean Regan and Paddy Walshe worked the ball out from defence to Cormac Noone then onto Cathal O’Leary who in turn placed a ball in front of Barry Noone who was subsequently fouled. Mark Fitzharris duly pointed the free.

Suncroft earned a 45 which St. Kevin’s cleared to make it to Mark Fitzharris, who played a good ball into Declan Flaherty who slotted his second point over the bar to make it 0-5 to 0-0 after 12 minutes in Kevin’s favour.

Suncroft’s battling and tenacious efforts began to pay off where over the next period they fought and battled to earn 2 pointed frees on the trot. St. Kevin’s then made in 0-6 to 0-2 when Cormac Noone passed to Barry Noone to strike the ball over the bar. Suncroft again won the ball and worked it into the St. Kevin’s defence to fist it over the bar to make it 0-6 to 0-3 after 26 mins.

St. Kevin’s finished the half with a well worked point involving Barry Noone, Brian Fogarty, Johnny Fitzharris and ending with Brian Dunne putting ball over the bar. Declan Flahery earned a free for Barry Noone to put over. The last incident involved Cormac Noone flicking the ball narrowly wide of the goal.

St. Kevin’s midfield and central back line of Cathal O’Leary, Tom Barron, Mark Grace and goalie Keith Fitzharris marshalled the defence well ensuring Suncroft’s chances were kept to a minimal.

The half finished 0-8 to 0-3 in Kevin’s favour.

Kevin’s started the second half quickly putting 6 points between the sides with Mick Kenny, Tom Barron working ball to Barry Noone who put it over the bar. Suncroft refused to give up and relatiated with 2 points from their 11 Fionn Dowling and their full forward.

St. Kevin’s Mick Kenny, Mark Fitzharris and Johnny Fitzharris worked hard and were involved in the next two St. Kevin’s points by working passes into Declan Flaherty who on first occasion gave it to Cormac Noone to score and second time to Barry Noone to also get a point. 10 minutes into the second half St. Kevin’s led 0-11 to 0-5. But once again Suncroft rallied and earned 2 further frees, first one to their number 11 Dowling and the second one slotted over the bar by their full forward to bring the gap to 4 points.

St. Kevin’s fitness began to come through at this crucial phase of the game. Darran Fox and Brian Fogarty broke down Suncroft attacks and started moves from within their half which ending in Barry Noone and Declan Flaherty points. Also their defensive stalwarts of Mark Grace, Tom Barron, Dean Regan and Paddy Walshe dealt with Suncroft’s advances into the Kevin’s half. 15 minutes into the second half Ross Carew came on for Johnny Fitzharris.

The deciding blow came 17 minutes into the half when Brian Dunne struck the ball into the top left corner of Suncroft’s net. Immediately after Barry Noone got another point followed later by a Suncroft free from Dowling to make it 1-14 to 0-7 points.
Brian Fogarty won a ball in midfield, to pass it to Barry Noone who laid it off to Declan Flaherty who put it over the bar. The last St. Kevin’s score came on the 58th minute via a Barry Noone free.

St. Kevin’s brought on Trevor MacDonald for Darran Fox and Jamie Kenna for Declan Flaherty.
Suncroft scored another Downling free to make it 1-16 to 0-9. St. Kevin’s ensured the victory by bringing more fresh legs on with Jack Kenny coming on for Brian Dunne and Conor Murray for Tom Barron.

Well done to everyone involved with St. Kevin’s seniors this year and thanks to the Noel Mooney, Joe Fox and Jack MacDonald for steering the team to senior status for 2014 where they deserve to be.



StkevinsCrestLeinster Leader Senior Football League Div 1 Round 12 03/07/2013
St. Kevin’s 1-13 vs Carbury 1-13

Great display by St. Kevin’s against a strong Carbury team in Coill Dubh. St. Kevin’s although 4 points down at half time put in a great performance.

The St. Kevin’s team was:
Keith Fitzharris, Paddy Walshe, Jason Brosnan, Brian Fogarty, Mark Grace, Tom Barron, Darran Fox, Cathal O’Leary, Mick Kenny, Declan Flaherty, Mark Fitzharris, Barry Noone, Ross Carew, Brian Dunne, Cormac Noone. Subsitutues: Johnny Fitzharris for Declan Flaherty

StkevinsCrestLeinster Leader Senior Football League Div 1 Round 11 22/06/2013
Clane 0-3 vs St. Kevin’s 3-10

St. Kevin’s had a great win away to neighbours Clane on a windy Saturday evening last.

St. Kevin’s had the benefit of a strong wind in the first half and they knew they needed to make the most of it before the advantage became Clane’s. St. Kevin’s opened the play with 3 wides while Clane got the first point of the evening against the run of play. Darran Fox did well to win a ball in midfield and hit a ball into full forward Declan Flaherty who lay the ball off to Mark Fitzharris who ended the move with a point. Kevin’s then hit another wide before Cormac Noone scored a point which was then followed by a 6th Kevin’s wide before Barry Noone got Kevin’s third point of the day. When Clane got into scoring positions their accuracy let them down. Kevin’s got another point through Barry Noone. Clane fought hard against the wind and produced some opportunities but failed to capitalise by hitting wides. The St. Kevin’s line then made a double substitution bringing on the experienced Brian Dunne for Johnny Fitzharris and Mark Grace for Dean Regan. Clane’s keeper was also replaced due to a leg injury. Kevin’s then hit a purple patch before half time with points from Mark Fitzharris and Tom Barron. Then in almost the last play of the first half Ross Carew hit an accurate pass to Cormac Noone in the left hand corner of the field. He then took on and beat his man to calmly slot the ball into the bottom right corner of the net.
St. Kevin’s led at half time 0-1 to 1-6 but both teams understood that an 8 point lead could easily be turned around considering the wind advantage Clane would have in the second half.

St. Kevin’s started the second half as they finished the first with Barry Noone getting a point after good play by Brian Fogarty and Cormac Noone. Clane hit more wides due to the excellent St. Kevin’s defence who marshalled and hassled the Clane’s attack and forced them into poor attempts at goal. Keeper Keith Fitzharris and the full back line Brian Fogarty, Jason Brosnan and Paddy Walshe all played outstanding and ensured Clane’s wind advantage was kept to an absolute minimum. Clane scored their second point before Kevin’s subsitute Mark Grace found himself well forward from his half back position. He burst through the Clane defence keeping close control of the ball on the ground and then slotted the ball between the keepers legs for a brilliant second St. Kevin’s goal. Kevin’s subsequently kept the pressure on Clane and continued to score points against the wind with Cormac and Barry Noone adding another point a piece.

St. Kevin’s intensity of play and exceptional teamwork epitomised by half backs Tom Barron and Darran Fox and midfielders Mick Kenny and Cathal O’Leary resulted in more pressure being put on the Clane goal. Brian Dunne worked hard to keep the ball in Clane’s full back line before Mick Kenny won it in front of Clane’s goal and hammered the ball into the back of the Clane net. Clane then got their third and last score of the day. Jamie Kenna came on for Declan Flaherty and caused hassle for the Clane defence. The last score of the game was a point that came from Cormac Noone. St. Kevin’s kept the pressure up until the very last minute with Damien Reilly and Conor Murray making contributions from the bench.

All in all an outstanding performance by St. Kevin’s who capitalised on their win last week against neighbours Allenwood by beating Clane convincingly 0-3 to 3-10. Credit to Noel Mooney, Joe Fox and Jack MacDonald. This moves Kevin’s up to 10th in the top division. Kevin’s need to apply the same teamwork and intensity in the remaining 4 league games and attempt to reduce on the number of wides they had today.

The St. Kevin’s team was:
Keith Fitzharris, Paddy Walshe, Jason Brosnan, Brian Fogarty, Dean Regan, Tom Barron (0-1), Darran Fox, Cathal O’Leary, Mick Kenny (1-0), Johnny Fitzharris, Mark Fitzharris(0-2), Barry Noone(0-4), Ross Carew, Declan Flaherty, Cormac Noone(1-3). Subsitutues: Brian Dunne for Johnny Fitzharris,
Mark Grace(1-0) for Dean Regan, Jamie Kenna for Declan Flaherty, Damien Reilly for Mark Fitzharris, Conor Murray for Cormac Noone.


StkevinsCrestLeinster Leader Senior Football League Div 1 Round 10 15/06/2013
St. Kevin’s 1-9 vs Allenwood 1-4


StkevinsCrestLeinster Leader Senior Football League Div 1 Round 9 08/06/2013
Sarsfields 4-12 vs St. Kevin’s 0-13


StkevinsCrestLeinster Leader Senior Football League Div 1 Round 8 25/05/2013
St. Kevin’s 0-12 vs 1-6 Castledermot

StkevinsCrestLeinster Leader Senior Football League Div 1 Round 7 18/05/2013
Athy 1-8 vs 0-10 St. Kevin’s

StkevinsCrestSenior Football Championship Round 1 12/05/2013 in Rathcoffey
Confey 2-12 St. Kevin’s 0-12


St. Kevin’s took on Confey today on a blustering day in Rathcoffey in the first round of Senior Football Championship. Confey had the benefit of a strong wind in the first half and capitalised quickly with a point from a free by Frank Barry. This was immediately followed by a point from the Niall Cawley. St. Kevin’s then won a free which was put wide of the mark. Confey then won a forty-five which James Gately struck over the bar.

St. Kevin’s Mark Grace then battled hard in the middle of the field, passing to Cormac Noone who attacked the Confey goal and drew a free which Mark Fitzharris put over the bar to make it 0-3 to 0-1 after 10 minutes. Mick Kenny, Tom Barron and Barry Noone were involved in a move that earned a free which Barry Noone pointed.

Confey’s Frank Barry then David Slattery scored two points on the trot. St. Kevin’s Darran Fox took on Confey’s defence to win a free on the 40 metre line which Barry Noone pointed. Confey worked a side line ball into Michael McCann whopointed with his right foot. James Gately also scored with his right foot to make it 0-7 to 0-3 at half time. Confey the better team in first half but had a big advantage with the breeze.

St. Kevin’s had this advantage in the second half but Confey scored the first point. St. Kevin’s Tom Barron hit a long ball into Barry Noone who put ball over the bar from play. Mark Grace sent ball into Cormac Noone who passed it to Mark Fitzharris who won free which Barry Noone pointed leaving 3 points between the teams.

David Slattery penetrated the St. Kevin’s defence to hit the ball off the crossbar. The ball was then recycled to Conor Feeney to score a point; 0-9 to 0-5 in Confey’s favour. Declan Flaherty won ball in midfield and ran at Confey defence passing it to Ross Carew who put the ball over the bar.

St. Kevin’s Cathal O’Leary won possession and passed it to Ross Carew who then passed it to Coramc Noone who pointed. St. Kevin’s defence held strong with a combination of Paddy Walshe and Mark Grace breaking up a Confey attack and got ball to O’Leary again who gave it into Barry Noone who pointed the ball leaving just a point between the sides on the 46 minute.

Confey’s Colm Chan extended led to 2 points but St. Kevin’s reacted when Johnny Fitzharris intercepted a Confey pass giving it into the Kevin’s forwards to bring the score back to the smallest margin.

Confey started to get the better over St. Kevin’s in a crucial time in the game when Paul Divilly score a point and then Confey got an important score when they put the ball passed Keith Fitzharris in the 53 minute to leave it 1-11 0-9. Confey tried to capitalise further but St. Kevin’s full back line of Brian Fogarty, Jason Brosnan and Paddy Walshe twarted several attacks.

Trevor MacDonald and Dean Regan came on for Mark Fitzharris and Johnny Fitzharris.

Declan Flaherty scored a point and Barry Noone got another point leaving the scoreline 1-11 to 0-11 with 5 minutes to go.The team exchanged scores with points each from James Gately and Barry Noone.

Confey’s Michael McCann ended the game by scoring a goal in the dying minutes leaving the scoreline 2-12 to 0-12.

The St. Kevin’s team was:
Keith Fitzharris, Brian Fogarty, Jason Brosnan, Paddy Walshe, Mark Grace, Tom Barron, Declan Flaherty,Mick Kenny, Cathal O’Leary, Johnny Fitzharris, Mark Fitzharris, Ross Carew, Cormac Noone, Barry Noone,Darran Fox.

Subs: Trevor MacDonald, Dean Regan

StkevinsCrestLeinster Leader Senior Football League Div 1 Round 6 28/04/2013
St. Kevin’s 0-12 Maynooth 2-3

Great win for St. Kevin’s seniors last Sunday against Maynooth in Coill Dubh. This win ended a losing streak of four games with an strong performance against Maynooth. It means St. Kevin’s go into the championship on a positive note against Confey on May 12th.

St. Kevin’s were strong throughout with another good performance by the backs throughout the game.
Kevin’s forward played very well and had a better scoring to wide ratio than in the previous games.

Just before half time St. Kevin’s had a goal disallowed under controversial circumstances. The ball was deemed to have crossed the line from a fist pass by Tom Barron even though it looked like Dean Regan got a touch to guide it into the net. However the move was judged to have gone straight into the net from the hand-pass.

At half time St. Kevin’s led comfortably 0-8 to 0-1 point. Maynooth fought hard and were rewarded with 2 goals early in the second half to leave only 3 points in it.
Kevin’s held on and were deserved winners. A good result to build on the next game which is Sunday 12th May at 17.00 vs Confey in Rathcoffey.

The St. Kevin’s team was:
Keith Fitzharris, Paddy Walshe, Jason Brosnan, Brian Fogarty, Mark Grace, Tom Barron, Declan Flaherty, Cathal O’Leary, Mick Kenny, Dean Regan, Mark Fitzharris, Johnny Fitzharris, Cormac Noone, Barry Noone, Ross Carew.

Subs: Jack Kenny, Damien Reilly.

StkevinsCrestLeinster Leader Senior Football League Div 1 Round 5 21/04/2013
Celbridge 2-8 St. Kevin’s 0-5

The St. Kevin’s team was:
Keith Fitzharris, Dean Regan, Jason Brosnan, Brian Fogarty, Mark Grace, Cathal O’Leary, Declan Flaherty, Mark Fitzharris, Mick Kenny, Johnny Fitzharris, Brian Dunne, Darran Fox, Cormac Noone, Barry Noone, Ross Carew.

Subs: Jack Kenny, Conor Murray, David O’Connor, Luke Reilly.

StkevinsCrestLeinster Leader Senior Football League Div 1 Round 4 11/04/2013
St Kevin’s 0-6 Naas 2-6

This game was rescheduled away to Naas.

StkevinsCrestLeinster Leader Senior Football League Div 1 Round 3 06/04/2013
Moorefield 3-10 St Kevin’s 0-8

StkevinsCrestLeinster Leader Senior Football League Div 1 Round 2 31/03/2013
Monasterevin 0-11 St. Kevin’s 0-7

The St. Kevin’s team was:
Keith Fitzharris, Dean Regan, Jason Brosnan, Paddy Walshe, Brian Fogarty, Mark Grace, Damien Reilly, Mark Fitzharris, Mick Kenny, Ross Carew, Brian Dunne, Cormac Noone, Cathal O’Leary, Barry Noone, Darran Fox.

StkevinsCrestLeinster Leader Senior Football League Div 1 Round 1 23/03/2013
St. Kevin’s 1-11 Johnstownbridge 2-5

St. Kevin’s met Johnstownbridge in Coill Dubh at 2.30pm this cold Saturday in the first league game of the season in Kildare’s top divison. Due to bad weather affecting the pitch in Staplestown the game was moved to Coill Dubh this morning.

St. Kevin’s had an advantage in the first half with the wind behind them but it was Johnstownbridge who took the initiative and scored the first point of the game. This was quickly followed by a good Johnstownbridge move starting in midfield and ending in a goal finished in the corner of the St. Kevin’s net.

St. Kevin’s then reacted with midfielder Mark Fitzharris getting their first point. Darran Fox and Barry Noone scored good points a piece. St. Kevin’s then scored the score of the first half with Mark Fitcharris hitting a pass into corner forward Declan Fitzharris who off loaded it to Brian Dunne to slot over the bar.

This score leveled the game but Johnstownbridge reacted brilliantly with another goal to take the lead. St. Kevin’s Cormac Noone and Johnstownbridge exchanged points. St. Kevin’s had possession but squandered it on occasion by hitting several wides. St. Kevin’s then finished the half strongly with four consecutive scores. Brothers Cormac Noone and Barry Noone got a point a piece. St. Kevin’s hit the back of the Johnstownbridge net when a good move resulted in a low ball being sent across the Johnstownbridge goal which Brian Dunne got an outstretched leg to steering it to the back of the net. The half finished with another point from Barry Noone, St. Kevin’s 1-8 Johnstownbridge 2-3.

The second half was a much lower scoring affair with both defences performing well. Again Johnstownbridge started the half the strongest with the first point of the half. It was then followed by a good St. Kevin’s team move with Ross Carew ending it by slotting the ball over the bar with his left foot. Johnstownbridge later scored a point leaving only a point between the teams. Mick Kenny won some great ball in the midfield for St. Kevin’s one of which was fed to Barry Noone for a point. Towards the end of this hard fought half St. Kevin’s brought on Johnny Fitzharris. Fitzharris’ made an immeidate contribution with a high leap in front of the Johnstownbridge goal to get onto the end of a high ball and punch it over the bar. This was the last score of the game which ended St. Kevin’s 1-11 to Johnstownbridge 2-5.

In particular St. Kevin’s Brian Fogarty in defence, Mick Kenny in midfield and Declan Flaherty in attack played very well in this opening league game.

Next game is scheduled for Sunday 31st March at 2:30pm away to Monasterevan.

The St. Kevin’s team was:
Keith Fitzharris, Dean Regan, Jason Brosnan, Brian Fogarty, Paddy Walshe, Mark Grace, Trevor MacDonald, Mark Fitzharris(0-1), Mick Kenny, Ross Carew(0-1), Barry Noone(0-4), Cormac Noone(0-2), Declan Flaherty, Brian Dunne(1-1), Darran Fox(0-1). Subsitutue Johnny Fitzharris(0-1) for Darran Fox.

StkevinsCrest Aldridge Cup Semi Final 09/03/2013 St. Kevin’s 0-6 Sarsfields 0-13

St. Kevin’s run in the Aldridge Cup ended against county champions Sarsfields in Staplestown.

Boths teams grappled with cold conditions and a heavy pitch. The first half was a very one-sided affair with Sarsfields capitalising on some poor passing by St. Kevin’s.

At half time Sarsfields led comfortably by 7 points with the scored at 8 points to 1.

The second half was a closer affair and St. Kevin’s made good use of their 5 substitutes with Brian Dunne, Damien Reilly, Jamie Kenna, Luke Reilly and Mark Grace making positive contributions from the bench.

St. Kevin’s finished the game very strong but did not turn their hard work and possession into the scores it warranted.

Both teams managed 5 points each in second half ending the game with the scoreline St. Kevin’s 0-6 Sarsfields 0-13.

StkevinsCrest Aldridge Cup 3rd Round 02/03/2013 Maynooth 1 -11 vs St. Kevin’s 1-8

St. Kevin’s second competitive game of the season saw them lose by 3 points away to Maynooth in the Aldridge Cup. Although St. Kevin’s lost they top the group by point difference over Carbury and Maynooth. All three teams finished with a win and a loss.

Maynooth started this game with 2 points before Paddy Walshe got the first St. Kevin’s point in the 14th minute. Maynooth immediately reacted with a goal fisted to the back of the St. Kevin’s net. St. Kevin’s responded with a point from a Ross Carew free kick and a point from play from Darren Fox. Maynooth and St. Kevin’s Ross Carew exchanged points just before the break to leave the half time score, 1-3 to 4 points in Maynooth’s favour.

Maynooth started the second half very strongly and impressed with a series of 6 unanswered points in the first 15 minutes of the second half. Mark Fitzharris registered the first point for St. Kevin’s 18 minutes into the second half. Maynooth immediately responded with 2 straight points. At this point Maynooth led by a deserved 9 points (1-11 to 0-5) with less than 10 minutes to go.

A Trevor MacDonald point was the catalyst for a strong St. Kevin’s finish. It was then quickly followed by a point a piece by Darren Fox and Ross Carew. In the dying stages of the game St. Kevin’s full back Jason Brosnan won the ball in his own half, St. Kevin’s worked the ball up the field for Brosnan to finish the move he started by flicking the ball into the back of Maynooth’s net.

This was the last score of the game finishing Maynooth 1-11 to 1-8 St. Kevin’s. Strong performances in the St. Kevin’s team were by Brian Fogarty, Jason Brosnan, Mick Kenny and Johnny Fitzharris.

It’s a good result for St. Kevin’s and new manager Noel Mooney to progress to the next stages of the Aldridge Cup.

StkevinsCrest Aldridge Cup 1st Round 16/02/2013 St. Kevin’s vs. Carbury

Noel Mooney’s first outing as manager of the young St. Kevin’s Senior team resulted with a 10 point win over Carbury in Staplestown. It was a great way to start the 2013 season .

The teams were evenly matched and the first half was very tit for tat. Carbury got a good opportunistic goal with 8 minutes to go to the break. The St. Kevin’s team responding brilliantly in the very next attack when Barry Noone found the back of the net. At half time there was only a point between the sides with a score of 1-5 to 1-4 in St. Kevin’s favour.

In the second half St. Kevin’s real fighting spirit came to the fore with strong performances throughout the team. St. Kevin’s pulled away with 3 well worked goals from Cormac Noone, Jamie Kenna and Barry Noone. The half also saw St. Kevin’s score fantastic long range points from Mick Kenny, Cormac Noone, Mark Fitzharris, Darren Fox and Dean Regan.

The final score ended up at 4-10 to 1-09.

Best for a hard working Carbury were Pauric Dermody and Terry Rossiter.

Strong performances in the St. Kevin’s team from Mick Kenny, Mark Fitzharris, Barry Noone, Darren Fox and a man of the match performance from Ross Carew.

Next Aldridge Cup game is currently scheduled for 2nd March, at home against Maynooth.